Whatever you may require:
we create the desired results.

Project solutions
From planning till solution your projects are in good hands with us.

Transparent Cost – Performance
We only charge what you receive: highest quality work with fair prices.

Quality and Safety
We solve your requirements with highest dedication to your utmost satisfaction.

MV-Grid solutions

Design, procurement and installation of MV systems up to 36kV
For more than 50 years Horlemann is active in planning, assembly, set up and engineering of substations. Until today several thousand of such assemblies for European DNO’s, multinational industrial projects and renewable energy plants have been completed. The number of stations for renewable energy projects (PV, Wind and Biomass) is increasing as well as the technical implications for those stations.

Smart grid solutions

Intelligent power supply grids
The energy networks are changing. Not only since Fukushima the world is heading towards the implementation of renewable energy sources. Most of existing grids are based on technology which was developed in times where there was a clear separation between generation and consumption. Nowadays energy flows may change their direction and cause an increasing need for visualization and active interference. Horlemann is co-operating with leading Universities to encounter the future tasks in advanced grid technology.

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