Transformers and switchgears

Horlemann developed a close partnership with the major transformer and switchgear manufacturers such as Siemens, Areva, Ormazabal, ABB, etc. Based on the extensive experience collected in thousands of projects we guide our customers through the selection and design process. Horlemann offers a wide range of indoor switchgear products in the 12 - 36kV range covering both compact and modular busbar connected systems.

Control and protection systems

Any MV-installation needs ultimate protection to safe human life and to ensure failure-free operation over lifetime. Horlemann is experienced in design-in and operation of most advanced security solutions from European market leaders.

On top of it’s protection purpose the electronic system control is of increased importance.

LV and MV Cables, connections, fault location and repair

Horlemann is an expert in cable selection, engineering, planning, connection, maintenance and replacement. With own civil engineering teams we offer turn-key solutions for the energy requirements of our customers.

Grid code compliance

Horlemann knows the world of energy suppliers and understands the various technical requirements related to the selection of equipment, settings and the layout of substations. We do not offer “products” but “solutions” in customer specific design. Our experts are trained in understanding and realizing the requirements.

Client Engineer role on connection applications

Not all of Horlemann’s customers are coming from energy related business areas. Especially in renewable energy projects clients need professional help for a grid compliant connection.

This is part of Horlemann’s portfolio.

Project management of electrical works

Apart from the connection the electrical layout of grid connected substations needs focused project management. Next to the internal management Horlemann offers support for our customers in case project management is required.

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