Energy flow control

The essential knowledge in any power grid is the knowledge about the energy flows and their condition (inductive or capacitive load). Horlemann offers advanced techniques to safely measure these energy flows.

Data communication

Measured data needs to be processed locally (autonomous agent) or needs to be transferred to a central processing unit (control room). The data transfer can be cable or air but needs to have highest safety and integrity. Horlemann develops and offers solutions to perform this in power supply grid compatible ways.

Energy storage solutions for technical and commercial grid improvement

Technically most challenging task in renewable energy field is energy storage. It is considered to store energy in mechanical (pumped storage power station), gaseous (separation of water in Hydrogen and Oxygen), electrical and other ways. Horlemann is following all these trends having a special focus on the development and marketing of advanced electrical storage systems up to multi-Megawatt storage installations for parallel operation in large renewable energy plants.

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